Most of the women over 40 who come to me at Shape It Up are thinking that they can just barely hold on in midlife let alone can be thriving in midlife...View Details

Find Out In Today’s Podcast: The experiment The Solution To Lose Weight Eating The Wrong Foods What I recommend to lose weight eating the wrong foods ...View Details

As women, our whole lives are marked by transitions puberty, menstrual cycles, pregnancy, perimenopause and beyond. This is the beauty of being a woma...View Details

Women's hips are designed with what is called the Q Angle. If you are a woman over 40 and having knee pain may be thinking it is just “old age”? But i...View Details

Find Out In Today’s Podcast: the power of listening the realization that nothing is as it seems the stories that are told in the book, The Mosaic Show...View Details

Knowing your body type can help you get fit faster. There are three different body types but it doesn't mean you are "stuck" with your dominate body t...View Details

Join us in talking about how decluttering can help you lose weight. Listen in on this great conversation where you can take action today on how to dec...View Details

How to run and not look stupid…Do you feel funny when you run? Like people are laughing at you run. As a former ballet dancer, I had to figure out how...View Details

I am so excited to introduce my special guest today! Former TV Health Reporter, current host of Living Well With Robin Stoloff radio and online progra...View Details

What is normal eating? Why is one food labeled normal and others not considered normal? How is it that pizza, burger and fries have become the normal?...View Details

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