My special guest, Mary Fran Bontempo, shares her personal story with addiction and family and how to be resilient in a world that comes crashing down around you. Plus 3 questions to help you handle problems 15 minutes at a time. Learn more about Mary Fran Bontempo and Shape It Up by visiting show notes here.


You have MANY options out there on how to lose weight. I wanted to clear out the clutter and give you the ultimate bottom line on how to lose weight. If you are ready to get started on losing your extra weight for good head to to get started today! Schedule your consult here! 

With the Coronavirus classified as a pandemic, feeling helpless is an option but so is feeling powerful. Listen in on a personal story that I share in today's podcast. Stay healthy! Want to deep dive into why you aren't doing what you say you want to do (like lose weight for good)? Schedule a free consult to get started. Learn more at Shape It Up

What is the difference between losing weight vs losing body fat? And which is best for you? All inside today's Shape It Up podcast. Learn more at Shape It Up.

What is cellulite? Is it possible to remove cellulite especially when you are over 40? And how can women over 40 get rid of cellulite? 

Listen in as Nicole tells you exactly what to do and not do for cellulite. Learn more at Shape It Up.

Listen in for 3 great organization tips for when you get home after a busy day of work!

With special guest Christy Lingo...for links and details mentioned in podcast go to Shape It Up

Yes you need to incorporate resistance training into your weight loss plan. But you need to workout your mental muscle to seeing lasting weight loss results.

Listen in on today's podcast and you can learn more at

Eat Out On Valentine's Day And Still Lose Weight a possibility? You bet! Listen in on how you can eat out on Valentine's Day and still lose weight.

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Most of the info out there on women losing weight over 40 is doom and gloom! It couldn't be further from the truth. Learn more in today's podcast on why you aren't losing weight over 40.

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Join me with my special guest Dave Welsh of the Running Co. as we talk about what you need to look for in buying your next pair of sneakers.

SJ Running Company at 

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