Trying to lose weight? Find out why resistance is futile when you avoid temptation, why avoidance is going to sabotage you, and why you need to file f...View Details

I just came across this article from Health on fitness trends and WOW if it didn’t hit some red flags for me as well! Also, find out my big announceme...View Details

Do you love caffeine? Is it loving you back??? I ADORE coffee! I have been a coffee connoisseur since my late teens. How much caffeine do yo...View Details

Birthday Cake

This past weekend was my 47th birthday! I look forward to having birthday cake each year...and this year was no different...until it was different. PL...View Details

How do you overcome defeat when you are trying to lose weight? Here are 5 tips to overcome defeat and lose those inches for good. All the show notes c...View Details

Join my guest Kate Kunkel, as we discuss losing your mind and ways to possibly prevent dementia and Alzheimer. After the passing of her mom who suffer...View Details

I know you want a great night's sleep!! Here are 17 tips to get a great night's sleep nighttime tips... so you'll never have to utter the word "I can'...View Details

“You haven’t peaked yet, you’re just getting started.” That’s the message my special guest has for women over 40. She should know. She launched her bu...View Details

It's Day 138 of COVID-19. Health agencies have stressed the importance of staying at home during the coronavirus pandemic. Most people are for the fir...View Details

I have been doing Pilates since 1997 and the benefits of Pilates in midlife are HUGE! Join me and my special guest were we chat about Pilates and midl...View Details

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