Tips#1- How NOT To Lose Weight Over The Holidays. If you are looking to lose weight over the the OPPOSITE of this!   Welcome to Shape It...View Details

HoliDAY Fit Tips

Happy Holidays Friend, What a great time of the year!  A great time to be with family and friends. The next few weeks are filled with many parties, de...View Details

Hey I wanted to jump on today and invite you to a challenge! Every month, in my private Facebook group, I give a monthly challenge. And I would like t...View Details

Thanksgiving Leftovers

Thanksgiving is over and now you are left with all the Thanksgiving leftovers...what do you do with the food?? If you haven’t grabbed a copy of my No ...View Details

Hey there! Welcome to Shape It Up! I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day! I am continuing with daily tactics and strategies to help you navigate...View Details

Thanksgiving Gratitude

Happy Thanksgiving! I wanted to pop on today and wish you and yours a wonderful Thanksgiving Day! I know 2020 has… to say the least.. had some unexpec...View Details

Welcome back to Shape It Up! We are continuing with Thanksgiving strategies! Today’s episode we are talking your game plan for Thanksgiving! If you ar...View Details

Let’s Get Real

Hey there! Welcome to Shape It Up! We are getting closer to Thanksgiving Day so I have another quick episode for you today. If you would like your lit...View Details

Hello again! Welcome to Shape It Up! I have a short but sweet episode today. It maybe short but it is hugely impactful! If you are serious about losin...View Details

Welcome to Shape It Up! We are talking about the ground rules for Thanksgiving Day so you can stay on track for your weight loss goals. You can connec...View Details

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