How do you WANT to feel when your most tempting food is sitting right in front of you? Do you want to feel anxious? How about fear? Fear of eating it....View Details

Pirates and Cravings

Does food call out to you? Does it whisper like a siren calling to you? Are you familiar with the story of sirens calling to pirates? The sirens (merm...View Details

End your cravings. Period. You want to feel calm and relaxed around your most desirous foods… You want to keep your favorite foods in what you eat on ...View Details


Do you find yourself looking at other people and thinking “they have nice flat stomach” and wishing you had that….you might think ”they must have good...View Details

I am going to talk to you today about the 2 types of muscle soreness and my philosophy on whether being sore after a workout is a good thing. SPECIAL ...View Details

A Picture Says A Thousand Words….what exactly are those words??? If you are one of those people who hid behind other people when it’s a group photo ti...View Details

Lose It For The Last Time

You must listen to this podcast today!! Special coupon in today's episode ONLY for my loyal podcast listeners!!

What Are You Dependent On

On today’s podcast I am going to talk about what you are depending on that may or may not be helping you get the weight loss results you want. Request...View Details

Mantras and Affirmations

I find that most women who come to work with me think repeating a sentence or phrase over and over will help them change their life…almost like a brai...View Details

Your Demons

“We never lose our demons we only learn to live above them”. Today, I am talking about the demons that are ruining your weight loss.    Want to meet m...View Details

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