Becoming a Prioritized Warrior, NOT a Panicked Worrier! Learn 5 how to Strategies to Prioritize. Understand COMPLETION is the GOAL of prioritization H...View Details

Waiting For Green Lights

You have decided that you are going to set out on a road trip…are you expecting green lights your whole way there. Today on the Shape It Up Over 40 po...View Details

Your SAFE Word for Simplicity in Business How by simplifying you set your business up for consistency and success What SAFE stands for How to know whe...View Details

Today we are talking about 3 types of action you can take to lose weight. Welcome to the Shape It Up Show! I am your host Nicole Simonin and I help wo...View Details

I am so excited to have my first 2022 guest on the Shape It Up Show!!! Join Windy Lawson and I as we talk about the Five (5) Steps To Achieving Your G...View Details

It’s that time of year when everyone sits down and plans out what they want to accomplish in this new year. But do you know that by week 2 most people...View Details

I am thrilled to have on the Shape It Up Over 40 Show one of my clients Mickey!! 🤩 Mickey was so generous to come on and share her weight loss journey...View Details

Ugly Clothes

Did you ever look back through old photos and ask your mom “why did you dress me in that outfit??”   Today on Shape It Up Over 40, I want to talk abou...View Details

4 HoliDAY Tips for Women Over 40 to Lose Weight For The Last Time Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays or Happy Saturday! Whatever you are celebrating this...View Details

I Was A Food Log Junkie

I was a food log junkie! Me and my food log journal were BFF’s!! I don’t remember the exact day when I started food logging…I do remember it being ext...View Details

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